While it may seem farfetched to some, many of us possess or display a variety of spiritual gifts that can be extremely helpful to ourselves and to others. Learning to recognize those gifts for what they are and learning to use them correctly can be a complicated and confusing journey. Many abilities have different names depending on their origin and geography even though they are essentially the same. Do you feel you have spiritual gifts you would like to strengthen or share but are not sure exactly what they are? Let’s examine some of the common gifts people have, and perhaps you’ll recognize your own powers so you can further explore them.

Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, and Channelers

A psychic is often used as a catch-all term to incorporate those who display telepathy (communicating thoughts or ideas through extra-sensory means) or clairvoyance (perceiving events of the future). If you often feel you can ‘hear’ the thoughts of others or if you find you dream or envision events or happenings that eventually come to pass, you may have psychic gifts.

Mediums are those who can communicate with spiritual guides, angels, or deceased individuals who have ‘crossed over’. Tyler Henry is a popular medium, whom you may have seen on television speaking with the deceased loved ones of celebrities. If you feel you are able to communicate with those who are no longer with us, you likely have skills as a medium.

Channelers act as a vessel through which higher level spirts can speak, imparting spiritual wisdom. Abraham Hicks is a very popular example of a channeler. Esther Hicks is a channeler through which Abraham speaks, offering guidance for all aspects of life. Their books and videos are widely sought.

Healers, Energy Workers, and Reiki Practitioners

Just as psychic is often used as a generic word to incorporate a number of gifts, healer can be used to describe nearly anyone who can cure or make better any number of physical, emotional, or spiritual impairments. Energy workers are a type of healer that use the energy of the universe to clear toxicity, heal imbalances, and create harmony in the fields of themselves or those with whom they work. Examples of energy workers are crystal healers, sound practitioners, acupuncturists and those who practice Qigong, which is a form of healing that uses breath, movement and meditation.

Reiki is a specific type of energy work that is becoming more recognized in our western culture. You may have seen it offered at your local spa. Using healing techniques based on channeling energy into a patient through means of touch, Reiki can activate the body’s natural healing process and restore both emotional and physical well-being. If you feel you have a calling as an energy worker or healer, taking classes on Reiki, Qigong, or another form of spiritual healing could help you hone your talents.

Magicians, Shamans, and Priestesses

Magicians, shamans, and priestesses are all thought to have power that comes from another realm. A magician is thought to channel these powers under his/her own authority, often for their own good. Shamans and priestesses are viewed as using these powers to further the well-being of their sphere of influence, usually a tribe or congregation. Shamans have a long history around the globe. Shamans tend to practice divination and healing through specific trance-like rituals, taking them through the veil to the other side.

A priestess serves the spiritual needs of her chosen community by officiating sacred rites and providing a doorway between this world and others. Most shamans and priestesses are chosen by their communities, congregations, or tribes through birth or through displayed powers, and they are often groomed or educated by elders who have also held the title.

Understanding your own spiritual gifts is a wonderful way to recognize the power deep within you and allows you to seek out further knowledge and guidance so you can develop your gifts to the best of your ability.