For those of us in the Western Hemisphere, the welcome light of spring is bringing longer, warmer days and the opportunity for new beginnings and growth. The equinoxes, when day and night are at equal lengths, have long been honored by our ancient ancestors. Pyramids and rock structures around the globe were built to mark the crossing of spring’s first light.

Why is spring such an important time of year?

All of the cycles of life are important, but spring brings with it hope, opportunity and proliferation. The cold, dark days and longer nights of winter give way to light through which new growth can take shape. Winter’s stillness has allowed for rest and renewal so we can nourish new seeds, both physically and metaphorically. As the new shoots are blossoming on the trees, flowers are blooming and baby animals are being born. We too can embrace this potent time of year to nurture our dreams.

How can we utilize this powerful time of year?

This is a wonderful time to set clear intentions for what you want to create in your life, and begin taking actions to plant your own “seeds” towards your goals. The spring equinox energy is a portal with which we can align, just as our ancestors have done for thousands of years. Perhaps you need to release something holding you back before you can move forward, and now’s a perfect time to do that. By clearing away the weight holding you back, you’ll allow for your own development. Then you’ll be ready for a fresh start!

Ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox:

Get out into nature to connect with the stirrings around you, and the longings within you. Spend some time meandering, listening to the still voice within to help you get clear on your aspirations. Connect with the Earth, and feel how with the spring energy is quickening as life gets ready to renew itself around you.

Journal about your goals, what you feel may be holding you back, and what it would feel like to accomplish your ambitions. Try stream of conscious writing without editing or judging what you’re writing. It’ll allow you to get deeper perspectives.

Create a vision board. Imagery is powerful, and even a simple board with a few images and some well-chosen words can help you stay focused on your objectives as you spring forward into this next chapter.

Light a candle and meditate on what spring means to you. Growth is made possible by the longer, warmer days. Honor the return to more light.

Spend time with newborn babies, human or otherwise. There’s nothing like new life to add lightness to your day. Remember the magic of new beginnings, and cherish the journey we’re on together.

The cycle of life continues on, and spring is a wonderfully hopeful time to treasure. What have you been longing to create for yourself and your life? Now is the time to design it, first in your heart and mind, and then, materialized into the waiting world.