There’s nothing like stagnation and the same daily routine to put your inner wildness to sleep. Even if your focus is on-point towards realizing your goals, it’s important to implement moments of the unexpected into your life. Stirring things up once in awhile will help you feel more authentic, which increases overall wellbeing.

Where does one begin to shake things up?

Schedule an adventure. Planning a trip will give you something to look forward to and will get you out of your normal routine. It could be a local day trip, your dream vacation, or you might surprise yourself and head off on an even more wild adventure. Stay open and let your heart guide the way. I went on an African safari and have run with the wolves in intense conditions on multiple occasions!

Reinvest time in old interests. What hobbies or interests have been left behind and could be rekindled? Have you always wished you had learned to play a certain instrument? Or played a certain sport? Revisiting up old passions are a great way to rewild your life.

Move your body. Getting physical exercise will help boost endorphins and other feel-good chemicals, while being in shape will give you a confidence boost. Try new forms of exercise, because every time you get out of your comfort zone you’re expanding your body, mind and potentials.

Play like a kid. Taking time to play and create just for the sheer pleasure of it is a healthy way to nourish yourself while learning about your authentic self. Get out some colored pens, crayons or paints. See what you make. Wear two different shoes. Doing things that make you feel light-hearted and playful is good for you, because it will help you revive your genuine nature.

Connect with the community and volunteer. Giving back to your community through local charities can be a great way to awaken your wild because it is a selfless, heart-centered activity. What causes have you always been drawn to? Perhaps you have special gifts and talents to share, or an idea for how to creatively assist your favorite cause or assuage a collective problem. Join in and help make a difference, and you’ll find that it helps you reconnect with yourself too.

Get out into nature. Nothing can help you get in touch with your inner wild like being out in Nature. Spending time in nature is healing, because it opens us up and connects us to something universal that is greater than our daily routines. Listen and observe. Or move and be wild. It is the authenticity in your actions that makes it powerful. Let yourself be informed about what in your life feels too domesticated and is bringing you down.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Be creative, bold, child-like, spontaneous and free! By devoting time to your inner wildness, you’ll find that life flows in a way that only true authenticity can give you.