Deepening our understanding of the universe and the ancient wisdom of our ancestors can assist us with our growth, evolution and transformation during our time here on earth. It can move us from a place of powerlessness to self-empowerment. By letting go of victim/blame consciousness and transitioning to self-actualization we are able to take charge of our destiny.

The phrase “as above, so below, as within, so without” can be traced back to an inscription on The Emerald Tablet, the Hermetica, part of the ancient Egyptian-Greek wisdom texts. It speaks to how our inner world is directly connected to our outer world. In other words, the state of our inner environment is reflected outside of ourselves. What we feel inside is what will be expressed, manifested, or attracted to us in our external life. Our waking world is a mirror reflecting our inner state back to us. There are multiple gifts in this design. If we tune in to the spiritual tools the universe gives us, we can begin to repair our wounded selves, and serve as a light in our world during this significant time.

As eternal spiritual beings on a journey, we are here on this planet for a brief time to grow and evolve through our temporal human experience. The secret is to balance these two worlds and bring heaven down to earth. The axiom “as above, so below, as within, so without” reminds us of the power we all hold. When we take responsibility for the influence we have on our lives, we can make better choices, course correct, and become the change we want to see in the world.

The beginning of all change happens with awareness of our feelings, attitudes, and beliefs. Take an honest look at your life. What is working well for you, and where could there be improvement? How do you feel about your relationships, work, and home life? Where is your life out of balance? What old beliefs are coming true in your relationships or your personal health?

As you examine your life, notice what emotions are tied to the internal messages you play out in your mind. For example, if you are angry often, you will most likely attract angry people into your life, reflecting your anger back to you. Or if you are overly critical of yourself, your reality is probably filled with judgmental experiences. The inner is creating the outer, and we attract what we are, whether that’s happy or frustrated. Life is an energetic mirror.

It can be painful to accept that our lives are our own creation. It’s so much easier to blame situations or others. But our true soul work happens when we take responsibility. When we see the challenges in our lives as experiences that teach us about ourselves, real transformation can take place.

By understanding and harnessing the wisdom of the “as above, so below, as within, so without” principle, we can empower ourselves with honest self-examination and reflection. When we view life as ‘soul school’, we can approach the process of change and growth as an opportunity to play with these universal principles. After all, when we play we raise our vibration, and thus our lives. And by lifting ourselves up, we are contributing in that way to the larger whole.