Gemstones and crystals are obviously beautiful, with their wide array of colors, shapes and sizes, but these ‘bones of the Earth’ also offer energetic gifts we can use to improve our lives. Stones have individual vibrations we can tap into. They can be placed on an altar to assist with raising the vibration or holding an intention. I like to sleep with a newly acquired stone under my pillow or on my nightstand for a few nights to let it get to know me. Then it is ready to be used in a medicine pouch, my purse, car, in my home or as jewelry. These beautiful earthly ‘bones’ bring me joy, assist with my spiritual work, and positively influence the energy wherever I place them. How might you work with stones?

There are many types of stones to explore. Here are some common powerful gemstones:

Amethyst offers peace, balance and a connection with the spiritual realm. Amethyst is a perfect addition to meditations and can be placed near your bed to assist with sleep and dream states.

Black onyx is a powerful protector, removing negative energies, and assisting with healing.

Calcite promotes positive energy, and can be used in manifestation and attraction work.

Clear quartz crystal is there to assist you with your needs. Crystals can be programed to aid you when you give them simple (2-3 word) instructions. Infuse your request for help into the stone before working with it.

Garnet helps foster creativity and inspiration, and can be used to bring forth love.

Green aventurine is perfect for manifestation work, particularly for attracting abundance.

Hematite can be used for protection, focus, and to remove negative energies.

Lapis Lazuli has feminine goddess energy and can be used for spiritual work, wisdom, and to help with communication.

Moonstone can help you connect with the moon, lunar feminine wisdom, and intuition.

Rose quartz offers unconditional love, and helps with self-love and healing.

Smokey quartz will help ground and center you, and can be used for protection.

Stones come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some common shapes to work with:

Generators are flat on the bottom and have a point at the other end. This makes them great for directing energy for yourself or clients. Focusing on the intention of your work, direct the energy through the tip of the stone towards your desired purpose. They can also be used to charge other stones.

Palm stones are easy to transport, feel wonderful in your hand, and can be used to shift your own energy when rubbed against the body. Work upward from feet to head to add energy and downward head to feet to remove energies.

Pyramids have a flat base, four equal faceted sides and form into a point. The shape amplifies energy moving through the stone. This shape can be used for protection, as well as affirmation and manifestation work.

Raw stones are untreated and just as you’d find them in nature. Sometimes this can make them more fragile and likely to chip or break. But there is also strength in raw forms, which makes them powerful for many types of work.

Spheres are circular stones that emit the energy of the stone evenly in every direction without hinderances. Spheres are a great way to raise the vibration in a room, home or office. Smaller spheres can be cupped and held during meditations and other focused work. They can also be used for scrying.