Our bodies are constantly receiving information and sending us subtle messages about the experiences we’re living out. Have you ever been talking with someone and had an uncomfortable feeling, maybe registering as a tightness in your stomach? Or have you resonated so deeply with the beauty of your surroundings that you felt chills from head to toe? Our bodies are incredibly intuitive, yet many of us have learned to tune out this subtle intelligence. We’ve been taught to ‘think with our heads’ and ‘use reason’, which often leads to dismissing the wisdom our body has to offer. Our bodies are sentient beings, designed to authentically guide us on a journey of health and well being. When we tune in, we are better able to navigate life by veering away from red flags and moving towards joy.

Here are some of the ways our body communicates with us:

Our bodies speak a different language. Have you ever shaken someone’s hand, or had a brief exchange with someone that instantly made you feel like you couldn’t trust that person? Then you were listening to the intelligence of your body. In this situation, there was no evidence that this person was untrustworthy, but your body knew how to interpret the nuances and energy fields that your mind was not capable of processing.

Our bodies sense danger. Have you ever just sensed that you should not do something you were about to do? Maybe you didn’t get in a car with someone, or you turned down a different street because you sensed it was what you should be doing for your own safety and well-being. It can be as subtle as an invisible tap on the shoulder, a heavy feeling in the pit of the stomach, or an outright feeling of impending doom. In these situations, your body was telling you that something was out of alignment and it was in your best interest to make a different choice.

Our bodies can pick up on tension. Have you ever walked into a room and sensed, without hearing a spoken word, that the people in the room have been fighting? Upset and anger fill spaces with palpable energy. Although it’s uncomfortable, this energy provides you with instant feedback on what you’ve walked into so you can more easily find your way out.

Our bodies give us clues to regulate our health. Fatigue, headaches and muscle aches are just a few of the physical symptoms our body uses to let us know something is out of balance. It’s important to pay attention to these messages. Slow down, take a break and assess what’s needed to get your body back into harmony, before it leads to a more serious illness.

Our bodies feel lighter when we experience joy. When we are sad, angry, stressed or overworked, our bodies feel constricted and heavy. To balance this, it helps to get out of our heads (stop thinking), tune into our bodies, and do whatever we feel like doing in that moment. This kind of awareness and action allows us to be more authentic, because we are not worried about “why” we are doing something or what others might think of it. When we spontaneously play like a child or create with wild abandon we feel lighter and expansive.

Tuning into your body is not difficult. It can start with a simple meditation or by taking some quiet moments throughout the day to be still and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. The more you tune-in to your body, the easier it will be to benefit from its infinite wisdom. Connecting with your body is an expression of self love that will allow you to act authentically from your core, and take better care of yourself.