Water, earth, fire and air are the four major elements in our environment. This article, second in a series of four, will focus on water. Water is a feminine energy, associated with the subconscious, feelings, intuition, strength, depth, reflection, healing, dreams and the moon. Water is gentle and flowing, as well as powerful and intense. It is also cleansing, purifying, and supportive. As a shapeshifter, water is able to change form and become liquid, solid or gas. As we look deeper into the meaning of water, we can appreciate her unique strengths, and consider how to enhance our personal relationship with her for a more balanced life.

Water for Survival

The human body is made of 60% water. Water nourishes and hydrates our bodies, blood, organs and tissues. We process and excrete water to cleanse and purify. Scientists have said that a human could survive without food for a few weeks, but most of us would die within four days without water.

Water as the Blood of Life

Water is the visible current of life on Mother Earth. Like the blood in our bodies, water is earth’s circulatory system, transporting and distributing nourishment all over the world through her rivers, lakes, oceans, and rain. Water likes to move, absorb, flow, nourish, birth, cleanse and refresh. Otherwise, she becomes stagnant and disconnected, unable to offer her magic.

Spiritual Symbolism of Water

There have been many water goddesses throughout history. The Greeks called her Aphrodite. She is Yemaya in the Yoruba tradition. In the bible water is also prevalent, “Streams came up from the Earth and watered the whole surface of the ground.” Water is universally known to be receptive, soft, feeling, and strong. Hindus associate water with the moon and Venus, both of which are feminine, intuitive energies. Just as the moon governs the ocean tides, she has a powerful influence on the water and emotions in our human bodies.

Water Signs in Astrology

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the three signs that represent the water element. People born under a water sign are typically intuitive, sensitive, emotional, mysterious, intense, imaginative, nurturing, receptive, helpful, and empathetic. The shadow characteristics of water signs include moody, self-indulgent, and needy. They like security.

Numerology and Water

In numerology water is associated with the number six and master number 22. The energy is receptive, reflective and offers great opportunity for work in relationship with another. Water teaches us how to see our true selves in the mirror of another person. Relationship is the key to deep connection and self-awareness when we recognize the light and dark aspects of our inner and outer nature reflected in the other.

About 70% of Mother Earth is covered in water. As humans who are mostly made of water, we can learn more about ourselves by developing an intimate relationship with rivers, ponds, oceans, lakes and rain. Liquid, solid or vapor, water reminds us of our ability to flow, cleanse and transform. Open yourself up by relaxing or meditating near a body of water. This will allow for deep self-reflection and intuitive insights. When we connect with the characteristics of water in nature and ponder water as a mirror of our own nature, we better understand ourselves and the truism, “we are one.”