Society tends to mold and shape children into tamed, domesticated adults. We are taught there’s a certain plan for us, and if we do our best and follow the rules and the life map set for us, we’ll be happy and successful. But for most of us this arrangement doesn’t lead to fulfillment. Instead many people feel out of alignment with their true inner purpose. Feeling disappointed and drained, we can find ourselves overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious and even depressed. Within us all is an inner wildness longing to be recognized and freed.

Our inner wildness is our authentic voice, our true heart’s calling, and the part of us that is connected to all of nature. Our culture conditions us to hide these integral parts of ourselves. But we are all animals, with a raw powerful nature within us longing for healthy expression. It’s time to shake things up. We were never meant to fit into cookie-cutter molds.

It’s vital to connect with our own inner wildness because it allows us to realize who we really are, meaning that we’re no longer hiding from the world. This higher level of authenticity frees us to bring forth the gifts we were meant to express.

In my work with clients, I encourage they begin this potent, transformative work by connecting more deeply within to learn what their heart is longing for in life. Exploring your inner landscape will give you clues as to what changes can be made to help you feel more like your genuine self. One of the best ways to hear your own inner voice is to get out into nature. Time in your favorite outdoor setting can connect you with not only yourself, but your inner wildness, and your place in the world. You are likely to find that certain passions have been suppressed and await you.

Honoring your inner wildness is a powerful practice towards transitioning into a more genuine, undomesticated version of yourself. Your life will have a better flow that feels easier, is more fulfilling, and grants you a sense of inner peace.