With its warm temps, laid-back atmosphere, and extra hours of sunlight, summer is a joyful, abundant time of year. Marked by the solstice, summer’s arrival has been honored by ancients around the globe for millennia. The Mayans, Egyptians, and Druids all built temples that aligned with the summer solstice rays of sun. Many cultures have viewed the sun as the force that sustains and nourishes all life. As light overcomes the darkness, it brings hope for abundance and a bountiful harvest.

Why is summer such an important time of year?

There are gifts in each season, and summer solstice has been celebrated for its potent life-giving potential. Anytime we focus on what we are grateful for, we reinforce positive energy in our lives. Summer is a time for action, so get grounded and go inward to gain clarity on where you want to invest of yourself. Then get ready to work your magic to create what you want for your life.

How can we utilize this powerful time of year?

The summer solstice is a great time to step into your own power and foster your inner desires. Summer is ripe with energy awaiting your directive. What do you most feel called to invest your precious energies into? What did you invest in during spring that can now be released or expanded? The sun is at its peak, and you too have power within you ready to be invested in worthwhile projects. Use this time to connect inward, tap into the potency of the light, and take actions to propel your life forward.

Ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice:

Get outdoors into nature to align with the powerful energies of the solstice. Allow your intuition to guide your way. Whether mountains, rivers, the ocean, or a neighborhood park calls to you, being grounded into the earth will allow you to fill yourself with energies of the season.

Have a ritual of light, either with the sun or by lighting a candle and focusing on the warm, energizing feeling it provides. What needs illuminating in your life? Keep your focus on the light and its potential for expansiveness.

Touch in with yourself about where you are in life and set plans for how you’ll create your desired manifestations. It’s time for action. Decide which ones are best for you to take.

Nourish yourself. The higher temps can leave us in need of hydration and proper nourishment. Drink extra water and create a beautiful meal for yourself. What fuel does your body most need?

Play. Summer is the season for play, as warmer temps invite us outdoors to hike, bike, swim, and many other fun activities. What will make you feel like a child again? Maybe you want to learn to rollerblade, stand-up paddle board, or just sit in the sand and build a castle. Playfulness fosters creativity, so let loose.

Welcome summer solstice and the possibilities it brings. The earth is in bloom, active and inviting. Take advantage and harness the power of the season. Life awaits you.