Do you feel at one with the universe when you walk amongst certain types of trees? If you do, you’re not alone. Throughout history, trees have been honored for their majesty, beauty, and what they can provide humans. A tree offers food, medicine, shelter to animals, oxygen, and much more. Simply listening to the wind rustling their leaves or feeling the strength of their trunks can provide enormous comfort. Hugging, talking to, and even rubbing the ‘bellies’ of trees can be a form of therapy. Trees have both grounded roots and the ability to reach towards heaven with their branches. How could one not have respect for such power and grace?

Though all trees can provide some level of peace and support, certain types of trees have known symbolism we can also draw upon. If you need focus, creativity or bravery, you can seek out or meditate on a specific tree to provide assistance.

Here are a few of the trees and their symbolism:

Ash The ash tree, which is flexible with a straight grain, represents focus. The ash knows its purpose and can bend and adapt as necessary to achieve its goals. The ash offers protection and health and can even induce prophetic dreams. Over the centuries, the ash has been used for spears and to weave baskets and make cloth.

Birch The birch is an energetic tree that can represent new beginnings, purification, creativity, and fertility. Almost every part of the birch tree is edible and the Native Americans used its sap as a source of sugar.

Cedar When we need confidence, we can seek out a cedar tree to provide us the boost we desire. An adaptable, strong tree, the cedar is spiritually significant and can remind us to stay in our truth while remaining determined and optimistic. The scent of cedar is incredibly calming and has been used to make the doors of sacred temples and is commonly burned to cleanse negative energies.

Oak There’s a reason we describe dependable people as ‘solid as an oak’. The mighty oak represents bravery and encourages us to be strong, independent, and honest. The oak rarely bends to the will of others and its courageousness reminds us that we can endure while still staying open to connection with spirit.

Pine The wise pine tree can always remind us of the sweetness of life. This purifying tree has been used to release feelings of guilt and restore a peaceful sprit. The pine represents the release of the past so we can gain the wisdom that will come with embracing the present.

Willow When we feel unbalanced, we can find a willow tree to help restore equanimity. The willow has deep ties to water and is often found near lakes and rivers. The willow tree is known for igniting inspiration and many a wish has been made under a willow tree. The willow helps us to connect with wisdom of our emotions and always reminds us that balance and flexibility are the keys to a successful and fulfilling life.

No matter what part of the country we live in, we can almost always find a tree nearby to give us the support and insight we need. When we take in the beauty, majesty, and symbolism of the above trees, we are truly becoming one with nature.