The holidays seem to arrive sooner each year, and with the season comes a need for energy reserves few of us have. Traditionally, shorter days and colder nights called for us to slow down, turn inward and replenish from the hard work of our previous year. Instead we find ourselves in traffic, crowds, lines, overspending and overindulging at parties and events. Add in any family drama or emotions that can come with this time of year and it’s little wonder that so many of us feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed by it all. How can we find our balance and take back the true meaning of the holiday season?

Here are six tips to help you stay balanced, charged and happy:

Find a mantra. Having a mantra can help remind you of your intention for the season. Connect with the meaning and feeling you want to experience. Is it a sense of peace, joy or connectedness for which you long? Choose a statement that feels authentic to you, and helps anchor in your desire, like “I am peaceful as I flow with what is”. Or “Whether or not it’s obvious, all is unfolding perfectly.” Writing your own mantra is a potent practice, so find what resonates with you.

Slow down. Breathe. With so much to do, we often find ourselves rushing through the end of the year, which can lead to the inability to really be present and enjoy the opportunities to have heart-centered connections with those in our lives. There is magic and wonder this time of year. How can you make adjustments that allow you more time to absorb and appreciate the special moments?

Stop pushing yourself. We all know that if we push ourselves we’ll regret it later, often because we’ve jeopardized our own health and well-being. This is not a win for anyone. What can you do to love yourself and stay true to your body’s needs? Sometimes saying ‘no’ to things works out best for everyone, but what’s most important is that you’ve taken care of yourself.

It’s all about perception. When we view things from different angles, we are able to find relief and attribute new meaning to the events and encounters in our lives. You can take your power back when stressors arise by shifting your perspective to see the bigger picture. Is the anxiety from one of your relatives something you need to take on? Or can you experience compassion and maybe find humor to help lighten the energy?

Evoke gratitude. One of the easiest ways to shift perspective is by feeling gratitude. Start counting your blessings, and feel the weight of stress slip away. Can you challenge yourself to return to gratefulness for what’s going right when things aren’t going as expected? Keeping a gratitude journal can be a wonderful way to maintain a blessing mindset.

Give yourself some alone time. Tis the season of family, friends, and lots of gatherings to attend. By giving yourself some solo time to retreat into self-care practices and the nourishing acts that restore you, you’ll be a better version of yourself when social hour arrives.

By incorporating some of these nurturing practices into your busy schedule, you’ll find that you’re able to stay healthy, experience more peace of mind, and truly enjoy what matters most – sharing in the season with loved ones.