One of our most sacred powers as women is the ability to fluidly transform like the ever changing moon, trading one role for another and moving through phases of life as easily as water flows through a stream. When we harness this incredible alchemical energy we embrace the fact that life is always changing and requiring different parts of our femininity. Embracing transformation allows us to celebrate the changes both in our universe and in ourselves. Most women go through three main ‘moon cycles’ in their lives. While these stages are somewhat defined by age and status in society, it should be noted that we are able to move from one phase to another when it benefits us and that we never have to feel trapped in one way of being.

Maiden or Waxing Moon Goddess

The maiden phase of womanhood occurs when we make the transition from girl to young woman, and has, since the ancients, been marked by the arrival of a young woman’s menstrual cycle. As a waxing moon goddess, we feel the wonder of discovery and the richness of many emotions that may be new to us. We are fertile, and the power of creation is within us. Reaching out to older women in our lives can provide support and guidance. We should savor all that comes with this exciting life stage so we can harness it again later in life. We’re never too old to honor the maiden energy within us. Whenever we feel the thrill of a new endeavor or connect with a long-lost part of ourselves, we can harken back to our maiden days and feel the rush of joy and excitement once again.

Mother or Full Moon Goddess

As we step into a more mature phase of life, we grow into our mother or full moon goddess cycle when our blood can create and sustain new life. We don’t have to literally birth a human baby to fully embrace this phase, because it’s more than that. It’s about deepening our relationship with the world around us through creation, and gathering knowledge from this experience. This is the prime of our feminine lives, and we can easily access this energy when we need to nurture others or take a break and care for ourselves. Transforming into the full moon goddess can help us when we need to reclaim authority in a masculine-dominated environment, or it can be used just as effectively to comfort a loved one who needs a mother’s touch. As the universe emboldens us to embrace our full feminine capability, we understand that the power of life within us can translate into potent creations and manifestations in our lives.

The Wise Woman, Crone or Waning Moon Goddess

The wise woman phase occurs when our cycle moves into our later years in life, and our blood no longer flows monthly, but is instead retained for our own personal power and wisdom. It can be the most sovereign of all the life stages as it represents authentic knowledge that comes from life experiences and true communion with nature and universal life forces. We can wear our wise woman mask when we need to be a counselor to others or when those around us need guidance. We can also tune into this kind of wisdom when we yearn for rest and rejuvenation and want to accept that we’ve earned the right to be cared for by others. No matter what physical age we currently embody, we can always tap into our wise woman within and feel the power of the universe wrapping its arms around us and whispering that we’ve done our jobs well.

When we embrace and celebrate each phase of our lives, we honor the feminine power of transformation. We put away any regret or fears that can sometimes come with aging, and allow ourselves to fully recognize what it is to be a woman. No matter what moon phase you may be in, take the time to realize and appreciate your unique gifts and the roles you choose to play in life. Doing so will create even more beauty and abundance in your world.